Peter F. Lach
3rdTrick Railroad Systems, inc

After 40 years, I am retired from the railroad industry and looking for contract work.   As a contractor, I can advise and assist in design, testing and commissioning of railroad signal and communication systems. I live in Denver, CO and can travel for on location work. I have worked around the railroad right of way and well versed in working safely around active and inactive railroad. I am knowledgeable of electrified railroad systems, catenary, third rail, etc. and I have no problem passing mandatory drug testing.

In my 38 years with Amtrak, I worked various jobs in the Communications & Signals department.   I installed, tested and maintained many interlockings and signal installations.    I worked on Cab Signaling and PTC systems, Hazard Detection, computerized train dispatching systems, radio and communications systems, PBX switches, fiber optic cable, networks and fire alarm systems..

After Amtrak, I moved to Denver, CO to work on the RDT Airport Commuter line (Eagle P3).   I tested interlockings and crossings along with dynamic testing on the trains for PTC and ATC braking tests.

Currently, I am am contracting for the BART extension from Fremont to San Jose.   Expect to be here until spring of next year.

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